Let’s Go Sailing!

Back when we thought that summer would never arrive, a small group of us bought a Yelp deal to go on a 2.5 hour sunset cruise with Let’s Go Sailing on Pier 54. Now that it’s mid-August the Seattle summer is feeling like it’s only just begun. Amazingly, we found a sunny evening that all six of us could make it out on the boat. 


I left work a bit early and stopped by Big Time Brewery for a growler of their Sunbreak Blonde Ale. They don’t sell any food or drinks on the boat, so it’s BYOB (which I think is better anyway!). As I was loading up my basket, some guy stopped to compliment me on my bike and lament about how unsafe he feels to bike in the streets of Seattle. His sister is a bike courier, and she powers up Seattle’s hills on a fixie. I was impressed. 

I then made my way through downtown and to the pier. Apparently both the Mariners and the Sounders were playing at home last night.. the traffic was terrible! I ended up having to sidewalk it part of the way because there wasn’t even room to safely squeeze through all the cars. 

J met me and the rest of our group at the pier, bringing with him some sandwiches and two bottles of champagne. We were ready to have some summer fun! 

The sailboat’s name is “Obsession”. She is 70 feet long and crewed by two super nice guys: Doug and Jeff. The first half of the trip we spent leaned all the way over to the left, like you see sailboats do on TV or something. We worked our muscles just to stay sitting upright. When we popped open our first bottle of champagne one of the crew asked us what we were celebrating. Ha. We told him nothing really… Just a Wednesday night. 

That’s how we roll. 

Oh! And I almost forgot. I got to be captain on the way back in. 


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