Dutchie Tours Seattle

On Friday night my cousin, who is on a 7 week trip from Holland, stayed with us in Seattle. The first time we met was last year, when he was on a west coast road trip with some friends. His name is Bas and he is not actually my cousin. He is my grandfather’s (Opa) oldest sister’s grandson. Whatever you are supposed to call that. Cousin is much easier. 


After the Thursday night wine tasting with my parents (no pics sorry), we set out for some Seattle adventures on Friday morning. We decided to take the water taxi over to Alki for lunch. But not before a pit stop at the infamous Seattle gum wall. 


It was a very beautiful Seattle summer day. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Unfortunately, this weekend didn’t involve any biking. Once we have a larger place with easy access to storage or a garage I’d love to just have some extra bikes for visitors. For this trip, we made do with walking + bus + water taxi + regular taxi to get around all day. 

We did a mini pub crawl with some friends in the evening. Again, no pics here other than the bottle cap puzzles: 

Thanks Bas for making us a part of your visit again! It’s always great getting to know new family. Someday we’ll be in Holland and you’ll be touring us around 🙂

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