Multi-tool to the rescue

The weirdest thing happened today on the way in to work. Somehow a bungee cord got wrapped in my gears. 


I forgot to take pictures of the actual situation, but above is a pic from after I tore the cord out. I was only about 10 minutes into my ride when my pedals started going crazy. I heard some kind of a snap and then all of the sudden my pedal were spinning backwards, out of control. I wobbled, gained control, and then pulled over to inspect. I didn’t see anything wrong right away so I tried to ride again — the same thing happened. 

When I looked more closely I could see that a bungee was interlaced between my gears on the back wheel. It was wound so tightly that the hook at the end of the cord was stuck up against that plastic circle and there was no stretch left. No way was I going to pull this thing out. 

My first thought was to go backwards… essentially “reverse” the problem. Nope, that didn’t work. It was then that I realized I had a multi-tool with me! The knife on the tool was surprisingly sharp, and less than two minutes and a bit of chain grease later I was on my way!


Here’s a shot of the bag I carry with me on my bike pretty much all the time. It fits into most of my medium and large purses, so it’s not too much of a burden. In it I keep my lights, sunglasses, a little first aid kit, bobby pins, chapstick, and the now heroic multi-tool! This stuff is all easy to carry and while you might go an entire summer without ever needing a multi-tool, you’ll be kicking yourself on the day you don’t carry it and something happens. 

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