Top 5 Car-Bicycle Collision spots in Seattle

From the PI and Seattle Bike Blog:

  • NE 45th Street in front of Dick’s
  • 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast Pacific Street in the University District
  • 25th Avenue Northeast and Northeast Blakely Street, where the Burke-Gilman Trail crosses a busy arterial
  • Bellevue Avenue and East Pine Street on Capitol Hill
  • Eastlake Avenue East and Furhman Avenue East just south of the University Bridge

I ride by 4/5 of these intersections every week, if not daily.

As I approach my first winter bike commuting I’m starting to get more intense about making myself exceptionally visible. On today’s rainy morning I rode more slowly than usual and because my rain jacket is black I attached two blinking lights to myself and the back of my bike.  


I did enjoy this morning’s damp ride though. I was originally worried about riding in the rain because I don’t have fenders. But I’ve found that my rack + basket on the rear protects my back from the skunk stripe and since I always wear boots in the rain my legs are protected from the front wheel spray. Not bad. 

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