Group Ride: GasWorks to Ballard Locks

A few Sunday’s back J and I got together with my brother, his girlfriend, and a new friend who just moved to Seattle from Kentucky. It started out as a nice sunny fall day.


My favorite part about meeting Dino was finding out that she also rides a Lotus! I’ve never seen another Lotus in person, so that was quite exciting. I think she said that she bought her’s on eBay and that it came from Portland. I also hardly see any road bikes in my baby 49cm size. Here’s a pic of my Stella and Dino’s Lotus locked up together: 


We were hungry, so we took a short ride down the Burke-Gilman to Brouwer’s in Fremont. We enjoyed the beers and the lack-luster service on the patio for probably 2 hours. From there we rode to the Ballard Locks. For almost ten years now I’ve been wanting to see the salmon running through the locks, so I was hopeful that today was going to be my lucky day.

Unfortunately, we were caught in a downpour! By the time we got to the locks we were soaked. But, hey, this is Seattle. We took for shelter in the fish ladder viewing room and got to see four salmon! Not really the excitement I was hoping for, but still sweet. By this time, we realized that the rain wasn’t going to let up so we decided to make a mad dash to the closest bar.

On the way out we got to see two little harbor seals! It was raining too hard to think about my camera, so I don’t have any pics of the wildlife. I do, however, have a photo of our wet bikes locked up outside The Sloop Tavern


There we enjoyed BIG glasses of Rainier, some fried food, and some laughs as we waited out the rain. (Those mugs look like pitchers, but they were individual glasses!)

Darkness began to fall, and with it the rain subsided. Our ride back to GasWorks was all along the Burke-Gilman and pretty deserted because of the downpour, so we decided to enjoy some of the Hale’s Ales Super Goose IPA that I had filled my growler with earlier. 


Even with the rain, we all had a great time. Most of my riding is done alone, to and from work, so I was escatic to be part of this bike gang!

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