On Returning to Winter

Well, actually, not returning. When we left Seattle it was still fall (just look at my last post!). Two weeks in Belize doesn’t exactly prepare you for freezing temperatures… yet here they are. Before returning, I was exciting about layering clothing and wearing something other than a swimsuit. But now that I’m here I’m afraid that I forgot how to ride in this crazy traffic and up these ridiculous hills.

Which is why, starting tomorrow …


From LaneChange.me:

Take The Winter B-icicle Challenge!

As winter settles in across all Northern Hemisphere nations, and the cold wind blows, it’s tempting to put your bike away for hibernation. But as of December 1, we’re asking you to keep on pedalling through all three winter months.

Why are we doing it?

To see if we can put our money where our mouth is in regards to living a greener life, and not just when weather permits

A good time to reflect about those people without homes during winter

We love riding our bikes and don’t want to go three months without it

We hate traffic jams!

Rules. We will ride to work or school everyday unless:

The road is so icy we’ll most probably break our necks

We have a meeting or activity that is more than an hour bike ride away

We’re so sick with the flu we can’t even be bothered to watch The Wire

So, if you are up for the challenge sign up on Facebook!

Oh, and I’ll be giving you a break from winter and posting up Belize pics soon. Please forgive the poor quality of my iPhone camera.

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