A Week in Winter Commuting + Some Holiday Fun


The scene of the crime: last night I lost an entire bottle of wine to the street in front of City Market. Watch for potholes and secure your goods! 

It hasn’t been wet, but it’s definitely been cold. And dark. This week I busted out my Icelandic “tourist” coat, previously seen on our honeymoon over a year ago. Normally that jacket is way too warm for Seattle, I’ll sweat in it if the temps are anything above freezing.

(I call it a “tourist” coat, because even though I totally loved it at the time of purchase… I couldn’t help but feel like a total tourist wearing it on our trip. I’m over that now.)

Tips for keeping warm

  • If you are going to wear a thick coat, wear minimial layers underneath. Otherwise you’ll sweat once you get moving. My tourist coat is great in 30-degree weather only if I’m wearing not much more than a thin long sleeved shirt underneath.
  • Most people can get away with thinner jackets if they have some good quality baselayers and their jacket is waterproof + breathable. Wool is best, because it dries quickly and doesn’t retain odors. *I* still need to invest in some good wool baselayer shirts.
  • Smartwool tights and socks are the best. I need more. When it gets too close to laundry time I find myself layering up with regular socks and tights, which doesn’t work nearly as well. 
  • BOOTS! 
  • Warm hands and fingers are important. Not only can you feel a lot colder if your hands are cold, but it’s important to be able to break quickly! I have a pair of fingerless gloves with an optional mitten cover from Eddie Bauer. They are minimally water resistent and wind-blocking, plus I can slid the mitten part off if I need to take a photo or use my iPhone real quickly. 
  • Cover your ears. My helmet is too tight to wear a beanie underneath, but I do have a fleece headband which I actually prefer because then my ears stay warm but my head doesn’t get *too* hot. 
  • Scarf it up too! Scraves are great because not only do they look awesome, but they keep your neck warm. Plus they can be easily removed if you realize you are over-layered. 

This morning the fog was rolling in (or maybe it was burning off..). My commute begins up on First Hill, where I ride alongside and above I-5 through Cap Hill:

Sitting just above the fog, I could see the lovely blue sky and the city. Had to stop for a photo. 


I also had to stop for the University Bridge earlier this week. But that’s not a big deal – I love the smell of the bakery there.


I’ll close this post with some photos from my friend Derrick’s holiday party last night (the party, which, on the way to I lost the aforementioned bottle of wine). Thanks, Derrick, for hosting the first holiday party of the season! (For me, at least).


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