Jingle Bell 5K

On Sunday we ran in the Jingle Bell 5K, benefiting the Arthritis Foundation. The course started and ended in downtown Seattle at Westlake Center, with the majority of it on the I-5 express lanes.

The best part is when you go through the tunnel to get onto the express lanes. Most people are wearing bells, so you can hear the echo of thousands of bells thoroughout the tunnel. Then everyone starts singing “Jingle Bells”. Pretty fun.

We set a slow pace, as we were running with some co-workers of mine and the priority was more about being social than anything.

I wore some sad broken reindeer antlers that kept falling down and ultimately didn’t make it through the entire race. Perhaps I’ll strap them to bike somehow to add to my holiday bow 🙂

J and I left the house literally 15 minutues before the start of the race (oops). So we ended up in a race of our own – biking down to park at the convention place station bike racks before meeting up with everyone else (only seconds to spare before the start!).

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