Two Flat Tires in Three Days

On Tuesday I had my first flat ever. I didn’t post about it because the while situation was pretty uneventful. Apparently I rode over some kind of really intense construction staple about 10 minutes into my ride to work, which totally took out the back tire.

After considering my options, I decided to walk the bike a few blocks over to hop on the bus. 15 minutes later I was at Recycled Cycles getting my flat repaired. Pretty much nbd, right?

I rode home that night, and even got a bit of Christmas shopping done. Fast forward to about two hours ago. I was sitting at home eating some lunch when all of the sudden I heard the sound of air exiting tires.

Uh oh. I was about to head out to catch the train south to my parents’ house. I didn’t really have the tools or the time to figure out what was going on. The back tire was completely flat again. I considered walking it over to the bike shop near my house, but I really felt that Recycled Cycles might have put in a damaged tube and I really didn’t want to pay for another flat fix!

Husband to the rescue. J came home and we threw my bike up on the car rack and headed off to Recycled Cycles. They were happy to take a look and fix it for no charge. There was a small tear in the tube, right near the valve. 10 min later we were on our way to the train station, just in time.

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