Photos from a much sunnier day…


The week leading up to the Christmas holiday was pretty amazing as far as Seattle Decembers go. A little tree trimming detour took me through the Sylvan Grove just before my office building, a nice surprising little detour that I would have never otherwise taken.

Then, on Thursday before heading down south I picked up my new bike (still un-named for now) and took it for a spin. It was about 50-degrees and sunny! We stopped off at Trader Joe’s to pick up some last minute holiday items and then took 15th over to Volunteer Park before heading home (where I found Stella with her flat back tire).

I didn’t ride the new bike in today, but I should have. It wasn’t raining but it did rain all last night, so my legs were splashed with a bit of mud when I arrived at work. Not a big deal, but this really is what I got this new bike for. However, without racks, lights, etc the new guy isn’t really set up for commuting yet. I’ll probably wait until after the new year to really get him ready for daily use.



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