2016: You Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

While I do sometimes enjoy working on my “thighs of iron” at the end of a long workday, being able to skip the hill and take the reliable Link (vs. unreliable bus which may not have room for bikes) is going to be quite amazing.

Already, you can get an intimation of how light rail can remap a cyclist’s idea of “accessible” Seattle; that “Link” appellation turns out to be functionally true. As each new section is added, anyone with a bike can make use of the transit backbone to move easily through Seattle from north to south, often from light rail to trail and back. You won’t need to have thighs of iron to conquer hills, or be kitted out in full bad-weather gear “in case” a squall blows in. All you’ll need is flat-tire fixin’s and an ORCA card.

The SunBreak via Seattle Bike Blog 

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