Beacon Hill Bikers are the Best! #30daysofbiking

So apparently it’s hard for me to remember to post daily. Oh well. It’s a nice goal, but not really my priority. I’d rather be out enjoying the great weather we’ve been having! Sort of. It was raining this morning, so I didn’t ride in but I did find the time to do a quick .5 mile errand on the Triumph during lunch.

Yesterday I went on one of my first “recreational” rides in a long time. Most of the time, my rides are purely utilitarian. I need to get somewhere, so I go. I’m not very good at riding just for the sake of riding. That’s why it may seem strange that while I’ve been riding Seattle for just about a year now, yesterday was the first time I’ve used the I-90 Train / Mountains-to-Sound Greenway.

It had been a sunny day, so there were tons of families out and having a good time. I had no idea that I was going to get to ride through a tunnel:


And here’s Mercer Island, with some lovely mountains in the background.


From the I-90 Trail, I jumped onto Lake Washington Blvd and rode through Mount Baker. What a nice little neighborhood. There were kids and cats playing in the street, and lots of nice people to say “hello” to. I then cheated and rode the light rail from the Mount Baker Station to Beacon Hill. They had some rules posted for bicycles, so I was sure to check those out since I hadn’t been on the Link with my bike before.


I had a brief moment of obsessive rule follower panic when I got on and found that all of the bike storage areas on that car were occupied by luggage. But I was only going one stop, so I figured I couldn’t get in too much trouble, and decided to just sit and hold onto my bike.

Once at Beacon Hill, I followed the “bike route” signs back to the I-90 trail and up towards the PacMed building (formerly headquarters). And along the way I discovered something amazing (and the source of today’s post title): Beacon Hill bikers are the best! They all smiled and waived as we rode past each other. How lovely.

Here I am at the top of the Dr. Jose Rizal Bridge, about to finish up the last mile before home.


Miles (yesterday + today): 8.5
April Cumulative: 76.5




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