On Riding In and Around Seattle #30daysofbiking

I like this video because it’s in Seattle, I can recognize places I bike all the time, and the people in it don’t seem to be hardcore “cyclists”. However, I do wish that they were dressed more normally. But then again, this is an REI piece so I suppose it makes sense that they would be “geared up”. Not to mention, many people here dress like that daily… Whether they are engaged in athletic adventures or not.

My daily commute brings me to the Udistrict and back via Capitol Hill. Generally, everyone I see on the hills in between is decked out in full on cycling gear. It’s rare to see anyone tackling the climbs and enduring the occasional rain shower in regular clothing. Once you enter the actual neighborhoods, however, it’s a different story. The Udistrict is full of students wearing whatever, riding with coffee in hand, and generally no helmets. In Cap Hill you’ll find hipsters heading over to Cal Anderson for some hard court bike polo or perhaps some beers over on some bar’s patio.

While it’s always great to be riding, and to see people of all types riding, I wish Seattle’s topography and infrastructure were able to support easy and carefree cycling between neighborhoods.

Today’s mileage: 10 miles
April total: 86.5 miles

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