3 thoughts on “Today would have been a good day for fenders. 6 miles so far, fryes are soaked! #30daysofbiking

  1. if you have clearance for fenders, they are well worth it. I leave mine on all year round and it keeps the road dirt off me and my bike. They are an extra pound or two but seriously I don’t notice it.Also looking at the photo of your bicycle I bet you could put a smaller inner chain ring on in front. That would give you better hill climbing ability. Check with a good bike shop for compatibility with your derailleurs.

  2. Thanks for the tips, Gary! I’ve been thinking about fenders since I started riding a year ago. I’m sort of stuck between considering buying a new bike or modifying this one to make it work better for me. I’m riding the STP this year, so that experience might help me make a final decision..

  3. Your bike looks great for the STP. The longer forks should have that bike with an almost hands off ability to ride. (Less work steering) The short chainstays means more energy directly to the rear tire when pedaling. I’m running a 10 speed (rear) with a compact double up front. The chains on this bike are narrow and break easily and wear faster than I wish. The shifter is in the brake hoods which means the cable frays easily and is difficult to repair on the road. It is easy to shift, when everything is aligned correctly. If I see your bike shifters correctly you have “friction” shifting which means any chain, any derailleur, any set of cogs. Mine has to be 100% matched to work.As for STP, you might want a second water bottle mount. I bought a Minoura Bottle Cage Holder that I can clip onto my handlebars when I need it. (wrap your bars with a piece of cotton handlebar tape to avoid marring them and for a better grip.) Also a pump and a couple of tubes for flats. When I did it long ago I had 4 flats on the way… ugh.If your frame size isn’t right, well there isn’t much you can do about it. But if you feel comfortable on the bike I’d keep it. If only minor uncomfortable, sometimes the right seat, or a different stem can get the weight balanced correctly.

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