Back in the Saddle?

Or something like that.

Last January. We didn't even have snow this winter!

Last January. We didn’t even have snow this winter!

I had a new bike built up (a Soma Buena Vista) back in August. I rode it most days through October. The holidays sort of start in October for us, and they really don’t calm down until after the new year. So I was lazy and/or had other things to do that somehow prevented me from getting on the bike daily. And the lack of daily riding had a strange effect on me…

I’ll call it nerves.

I was nervous to ride! And I can’t pinpoint why. I still feel it occasionally and somehow I find an excuse to get on the bus instead. So I’m riding two or three days a week and trying not to feel guilty about it. Once I do get on the bike I’m not nervous and I never regret it. It makes me happy.

So what’s the deal? Most people would think it’s the Seattle winter weather. Dark. Wet. Cold. But this week I rode on all of the rainy days and somehow decided to bus on the partially sunny and dry days. This has been a mild winter. And anyway I don’t get cold — I’m actually too warm when I ride. Maybe it’s the hills? There’s quite a bit of climbing for me on the way home and sometimes I just don’t have the energy.

But I want to get back in the saddle! I’ve got Streets + Beets coming up, and there are tons of fun training rides I’d like to participate in. Motivation!

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