Replacing the Private Car…

Within any social system, there also exist what Cohen calls “insurgent niches” challenging the regime. Niches are fragile, they’re underfunded, they’re stigmatized. The car was once an insurgent niche in the age of streetcars. Now in the age of the automobile, we might think of those niches as car-sharing companies or bike advocacy groups.

In Seattle the streetcars are coming back. And I’ve used Car2Go many more times this month than I’ve used our the car we own (so much more freedom with the ability to change modes of transport and to not have to think about parking!). It all makes sense in the city.

BUT it’s still difficult to be car-less outside of the core urban areas.

Read the full article at the Atlantic: What the Steamship and the Landline Can Tell Us About the Decline of the Private Car.

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