#30daysofbiking : In regular clothes!

April is #30daysofbiking. Get in on the spring fun! This month I’m going to show you all a typical month of bike commuting attire for me…. Which maybe isn’t very exciting since I just wear my regular clothes.

So there you have it: #30daysofbiking in regular clothes!

Welcome to spring. Here in the Emerald City its been more of an April showers situation. Not to fear, I’ve been packing my poncho to keep dry when caught in surprise showers. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t constantly rain in Seattle. Spring is especially confusing because we can begin the morning with sun only to find it pouring at lunch and then sunny again for your commute home.

Even on the rainiest of days, I still want to wear my regular clothes and a poncho is the perfect cover that allows me to stay dry and not get too warm. For the lower extremities, waterproof boots keep the feet dry and tights dry out quickly if any water happens to splash up.

And if it gets really bad, there’s always the option of throwing your bike on the bus!

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