The Bikes

I’ve tried to name my bikes, but it doesn’t doesn’t seem to work. For some reason I have a hard time thinking that a bike can have a name. But below you’ll find some pics of the bikes I’ve had since I started commuting in 2011. Also a partial pic of my husband’s bike.

Soma Buena Vista Mixte
Built up by Emerald City Bike Studio.That’s a pretty terrible picture. I promise I’ll take more.

Mid-80’s Trek 660
These are the days we dream about all year... (1)
It’s the electric blue and magenta bike behind my red Lotus. This is my husband’s bike that we bought in 2011 from that one place next to Recycled Cycles in the University District. 

Mid-80’s Lotus Unique
 First Long Ride Since the HolidaysTwo Flat Tires in Three Days
Bought from a lovely biker couple on Craig’
s List during 2011’s Bike-to-Work-Week. 

Early-70’s Raleigh Triumph
Photos from a much sunnier day... (1)
I bought this bike in winter of 2011, again on Craig’s List. He now lives in Bellingham with my husband’s sister. 

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