It’s Viadoom here in Seattle this week and Eli Sanders of The Stranger commuted from Cap Hill to West Seattle during evening rush hour. Read about his experience and check out some pretty pics here

I’ve been hearing that so far things are fine. The news isn’t reporting much traffic on the bridge and some Channel 13 guy even admitted that the bike commute he started this week was much better/faster than his previous way of getting to work (driving).  

But then, weirdly, the same news channel aired a story where some woman was complaining about how unrealistic biking is. I believe the story was in regards to Prop 1 and the Mayor’s supposed war against cars. After the report, the news anchor added in the commentary that with the viaduct closure and more people bike commuting in Seattle in general there now exists an additional “problem” for drivers to watch out for. 

Hmpf. Bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers are not “problems” on the road. They are people on the road, just trying to get where they need to. It was so strange to me to see how the news went from promoting cycling to characterizing it as a “problem” less than 5 minutes later.  

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