Riding in the Rain

I’m doing it! 


So Monday I set out to bike to work in the rain. I’ve done it every day this week. Some things I’ve learned:

  • While my bright purple rain jacket is great for visibility, the temps here are still over 50 degrees and the jacket just isn’t breathable enough. Any incline and I’m covered in muggy sweat. Maybe I need a rain cape.
  • Tights > jeans for riding in the rain. I knew that I actually preferred tights over jeans on the coldest of days anyway, and now I just have one more reason live in skirts.
  • It rarely rains hard enough in Seattle that you really need rain gear. A waterproof-ish coat, tights, and a good pair of tall boots are fine. 
  • Rainy day cyclists are super nice! Today, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, another cyclist and I exchanged more than just a head nod at the light. He pulled up. I said “Hello”. He said, “Yeah! We’re doing this together!”. We talked for the duration of the light and off we went. 
  • People think I’m pretty hardcore. 


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